Furnace Installation

Need a new Furnace? Here is some help with the basic need-to-knows....

What to know before choosing a Furnace


If its too small, it wont keep up, it its too big expect a shortened life expectancy and temperature swings. Is the size you need the same size as your old one? Not always! Factors affecting the size needed change all the time, from the R value or your home, change in heating technologies, windows etc. Luckliy we have a RIGHT SIZE GURANTEE.

Efficiency Upgrades and the hidden benefits

When you upgrade in efficientcy, you're upgrading the comfort in your home as well. 

A lower efficienty unit has 2 modes; on and off. Once you get into dual stage or modulating units you will notice the furnace will have different "stages" it will opperate at. This will help accomplish a more even temparature in your home. 

When you only have the choice of either being on or off, you will notice hot and cold swings in your home. When your furnace has the option to kick on to a higher or lower stage, you can keep a more consistent, even temperature. 

Air Flow & Sound

Different models have different blowers and blower capacities. The first factor this will affect is sound. Some are quieter than others. We actually have clients that don't believe us when we tell them their furnace is running - its that quiet! The second factors this affects is the furnaces ability to distribut airflow evenly and to hard to reach areas. Ever notice a cold room upstairs or at the end of your ductwork? A more powerful blower can assit in making these areas more comfortable. 

So, What does it cost? 

Well, with our easy payment plans, $0 down, then about $50-80 month and up depending on your water heater preference. No difficult contracts. Choose your furnace, choose the way you pay and relaxed knowing you're backed by the best warranties and gaurantees around. 

Quotes for new heating systems are free. Call, text or message us in the chat to get started. 

Don't pay for 3 months on all equipment and repairs over $1000 


Fast and easy payment options available for aproved customers.
NO stuborn contracts, pay it our at anytime with 0 cancelation fees.