Air Conditioner Installation

Need a new AC ? Here is some help with the basic need-to-knows....

The 3 most important factors in selecting an Air Conditioner


If its too small, it wont keep up, it its too big it wont stay on long enough to pull the humidity out of your home. Is the size you need the same size as your old one? Not always! Factors affecting the size needed change all the time, from the R-value or your home, change in cooling technologies, windows etc. Luckliy we have a RIGHT SIZE GURANTEE. Let us size your unit, we guarantee to install the right size our we'll replace the unit!


Did you know, the standard AC offered in the Windsor-Essex area isn't even Energystar rated! My fridge cools about 10 cubic feet and its Energystar rated. Certain model upgrades will decrease your cooling cost, increase the capability of cooling on  the hottest days and lesson the demand on your system.

Win, win, win. 

Guaranteed Installation

An Air Conditioner is only as good as it's installation. 

We offer fully gauranteed installations, backed by manufacturer warranties. Once your unit is installed, it's tested for both safety and operations to ensure no cooling problems on the road ahead. 

So, What does it cost? 

Well, with our easy payment plans, $0 down, then about $50-80 month and up depending on your AC preference. No difficult contracts. Choose your Ac, choose the way you pay and relaxed knowing you're backed by the best warranties and gaurantees around. 

Quotes for new Air Conditioning systems are free. Call, text or message us in the chat to get started. 519-962-9898

Don't pay for 3 months on all equipment and repairs over $1000 


Fast and easy payment options available for aproved customers.
NO stuborn contracts, pay it our at anytime with 0 cancelation fees.